Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bucky Barnes—Winter Soldier

One of the most loyal characters in the MCU, Bucky is another soldier out of time. He's also going to be one of the main characters of Civil War, by the look of it. Can't wait to see more of him in action; it's gonna help me round out his build.

Name: James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes
Race: Human
Experience: 40 (Veteran)
Agility d8; Smarts d6; Spirit d8; Strength d8; Vigor d6
Pace 6; Parry 5; Charisma 2; Toughness 5
Hindrances: Code of Honor, Loyal, Stubborn
Edges: Attractive, Command, Marksman, Dodge, Hard to Kill
Skills: Climbing d6, Driving d4, Fighting d6, Notice d8, Persuasion d4, Shooting d10, Stealth d6, Swimming d6, Throwing d6
Inventory: M1A1 Thompson (2d6+1, AP 1, 12/24/48, 30 Shots, RoF 3, Auto, Min Str d6), M1941 Johnson (2d8, AP 2, 24/48/96, 10 Shots, Semi-Auto, Min Str d6), M1911A1 (2d6+1, AP 1, 12/24/48, 6 Shots, Semi-Auto).

Sergeant James Barnes was a soldier during World War II and has been friends with Steve Rogers since they were young. Once the U.S. entered the European theater, Bucky joined up in the 107th, serving as an excellent marksman and fairly high ranking NCO. Unfortunately, the 107th was almost wholly taken prisoner and held at one of HYDRA's R&D facilities. Bucky was forced to assist in the manufacturing of HYDRA weapons, and later was taken by Arnim Zola—Red Skull's chief scientist—for experimentation, attempting to recreate the legendary super-soldier serum.

Some time later, Captain America raided the facility, rescuing Bucky and over 400 other men. Steve quickly recruited Bucky, along with a few others, to serve as Howling Commandos—Cap's private squad specializing in sabotaging HYDRA operations. After nearly a year with the Howling Commandos, Bucky was tossed out of a train and down a cliff on a mission to kidnap Zola.

Name: Bucky Barnes
Race: Human
Experience: 70 (Heroic)
Power Level: Heavy Hitter (60 PP)
Agility d12; Smarts d6; Spirit d8; Strength d12+2; Vigor d12
Pace 6; Parry 9; Charisma 2; Toughness 11 (2)
Hindrances: Code of Honor, Loyal, Ruthless (M), Stubborn.
Edges: Arcane Background (Super Powers), Attractive, Ambidextrous, Combat Reflexes, Counterattack, Improved Frenzy, Improved Level Headed, Quick Draw, Two-Fisted, Command, Marksman, Improved Dodge, Hard to Kill, Take the Hit, Block, Assassin.
Skills: Climbing d6, Driving d6, Fighting d12+1, Knowledge (Espionage) d4, Notice d8, Persuasion d4, Piloting d4, Shooting d12, Stealth d8, Swimming d6, Throwing d8.
Inventory: Kevlar vest (Armor +2, Armor +4 vs ballistics, negate 4 ballistic AP), auto-grapnel (10/20/40, Pace 10), Knife (Str+d4), SIG-Sauer ×2 (2d6, AP 1, 12/24/48, 12 Shots, Semi-Auto), Glock 19 (2d6, AP 1, 12/24/48, 17 Shots, Semi-Auto), COP .357 Derringer (2d6+1, AP 1, 5/10/20, 2 Shots, Semi-Auto (no Rapid Fire), Vz.61 Skorpion (2d6, AP 1, 12/24/48, RoF 3, 20 Shots, Auto), RGN Grenade (3d6, 5/10/20, MBT).
  • Armor +6 (1): Limitation (–2, Left Arm only).
  • Attack, Melee (3): Damage Str+d6, Heavy Weapon, One Arm, Stackable. 
  • Regeneration (4): Level 2, roll to heal every hour.
  • Speed (6): Pace 24, –1 to hit. Catch and Throw.
  • Super Attribute (18): Agility +2, Strength +4, Vigor +3.
  • Super Edge (16): Ambidextrous, Combat Reflexes, Counterattack, Frenzy, Improved Level Headed, Quick Draw, Two-Fisted.
  • Super Skill (8): Driving +1, Fighting +3, Knowledge (Espionage) +1, Piloting +1, Stealth +1, Throwing +1.
  • Toughness +1 (1): Enhanced physiology. 
After Bucky was tossed from the train, however, HYDRA operatives found the still-living Bucky and began to experiment on him. They amputated his arm, replacing it with a powerful cybernetic replacement, pumped his system full of drugs and chemicals, and tried their hardest to make Bucky their ace in the hole. Throughout this process, Bucky had his memories wiped over and over, brainwashed until he complied with HYDRA's commands.

Before Bucky—now known as the Winter Soldier—was deployed for his first assassination, the soviet star was painted onto his cybernetic arm to throw people off of HYDRA's trail. Over the years, he was left in cryostasis until his services were required. Once his job was done, his mind was wiped and he was placed back into cryo until he was to be called upon again.

During the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D., the Winter Soldier was called out once again to assassinate Nick Fury, and afterwards sent to hunt down the recently resurrected Captain America to make sure that Project: INSIGHT launched. On his mission, he killed at least several S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and a handful of civilians, but after the destruction of the helicarriers, Bucky appeared to be regaining his memories.

He was last seen in early 2014, going underground to evade the authorities and learn who he really is.

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