Friday, March 17, 2017

Patch Notes—Luke Cage

This is our second set of patch notes, and while it's a bit late (and it's certainly been a while since we've gotten to posting anything here). While there's not all too much being patched in here, I did Luke quite some time ago and I figured it was worth drawing attention to his changes.


Luke Cage
Advance Changes:
  • Experience increased from 35 to 55.
    • Luke has clearly had much more experience during his time in Seagate then we were led to believe in Jessica Jones. Most of the following changes are made in light of the new show.
  • Driving lowered from d6 to d4.
  • Fighting increased from d6 to d8.
  • Shooting d4 added.
  • Streetwise lowered from d8 to d6.
  • Swimming d8 added.
  • Taunt d4 added.
  • Poverty, Vengeful (minor) and Wanted (major) Hindrances added.
  • Brawler, Counterattack, Level Headed, and Sweep added.
  • Hard to Kill removed.
    • This has instead been moved to one of Luke's Powers.
Power Changes:
  • Ageless added.
  • Armor reduced from +14 to +12.
    • Heavy Armor added. Limitation (–1, Heavy Armor ignored by blunt damage) added.
    • Limitation (–2, Armor +6 vs blunt weapons) removed from armor.
      • Luke's unbreakable skin has been shown to be vulnerable to blunt damage, and even more resistant to "small-arms" fire, never even being Shaken by it. Having his Heavy Armor bypassed by blunt damage seemed to be an appropriate compromise.
  • Regeneration increased from Level 1 to Level 2.
    • Recovery removed.
    • Limitation (–1, regeneration is negated if shrapnel is stuck inside).
  • Resistance (Cold) removed.
    • Luke was wearing a jacket as the winter months approached; clearly he isn't resistant to low temperatures.
  • Super Strength decreased from +7 to +6. Heavy Weapon added.
  • Super Edge: Hard to Kill added.
  • Toughness +1 added.
Luke Cage Season 1 Advances:
  • 60 Experience: Sweep.
  • 65 Experience: Tracking d4.
  • 70 Experience: Nerves of Steel.
This makes Luke far more durable and puts him better in line with what we see over the course of his show. I'm hoping to at least keep up with main characters right now as I work to update the other heroes to a new standard. Jessica Jones should be coming soon!

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