Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Johann Fennhoff—Ivchenko

Another Agent Carter character, I think this is the first Pulp Hero character I've put numbers to. Of course, he's still a villain, so variety still is kinda lacking a bit. Interesting bit of trivia: Fennhoff goes by Doctor Faustus in the comics and was a Captain America villain. Looking at his stats, I can see why they didn't send the star-spangled badass against this guy.

Name: Johann Fennhoff (Wild Card)
Race: Human
Power Level: Pulp Hero (15 PP)
Agility d6; Smarts d10 [d12+2]; Spirit d8; Strength d4; Vigor d6
Pace 6; Parry 2; Charisma 2; Toughness 5
Hindrances: Ruthless (M)
Edges: Alertness, Charismatic, Scholar (Psychology)
Skills: Knowledge (Communications) d6, Knowledge (Psychology) d10, Notice d8, Persuasion d10, Stealth d6, Streetwise d6
Inventory: Ring.
  • Illusion (5): Level 2, 5" radius. Obscurement (+4), Targeted. Device (–1), Limitation (–1, victims must hear him speak as he rubs the ring). Special variation that allows the user to maintain the illusion at an unlimited range without line of sight, but must be initiated within 12".
  • Mind Control (4): Motivate. Device (–1, ring), Limitation (–1, must speak and rub the ring). Special variation that allows the user to maintain the control at an unlimited range, but commands must still be given within 12". This doesn't let the controller see their target.
  • Super Smarts (5): Smarts +3. Limitation (–1, using powers only).
  • Super Skill (1): Persuasion +1.
Doctor Fennhoff is an agent of the mysterious Leviathan organization, which became active against the U.S. and the S.S.R. in the '50s. Years before, however, he was a military psychologist for the Soviets. In World War II, assisting in medical camps for the Soviets, Fennhoff found that he could use his deep psychological knowledge and charismatic presence to put anyone hearing his voice under complete hypnosis, making them see, feel, and believe what he wants them to. This hypnosis may last for a long period of time over any distance, but commands may only be given within the normal 12" radius. His first patient—a man named Ovechkin—prompted Fennhoff to give himself a new name; an anagram of the first man he used his power over.

Later in the war, in the town of Finow, Germany, he and his brother were present during a live test of a chemical known as "Midnight Oil," thought Fennhoff was spared through the use of a gas mask. His brother was not so lucky, and Fennhoff swore revenge against the man that killed him. This is when he was recruited by Leviathan and aimed at the S.S.R. He was assigned with another agent to release large quantities of Midnight Oil over New York City, infiltrating an S.S.R. base under the guise of a prisoner of Leviathan before working his power over the agents there.

He was last seen thwarted by Agent Carter and being held in prison, his jaw sealed shut.

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