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Bruce Banner—The Hulk

It's been a fair while since we put out a real Avenger, but the Hulk is certainly an easier one to do then, say, Stark (I'm sorry guys, he has a lot of suits I have to make for him). The Hulk is also one of the only Marvel heroes we've seen thus far that utilize the Gimmick Hindrance, and is fairly unique in that aspect.

He is also unique in being the only main Avenger who has changed actors between films, and the only character in the larger MCU whose first movie seems to only be semi-canonical, as the character of Banner is written to have a totally different personality and altered skill-set. As such, some aspects of Norton's Banner, like his hand-to-hand capabilities and his charismatic presence, may be tuned down to be more in line with the modern Ruffalo Banner. Hulk hasn't been altered too terribly much.

Name: Bruce Banner
Race: Human
Experience: 55 (Veteran)
Agility d8; Smarts d12; Spirit d6; Strength d4; Vigor d6
Pace 6; Parry 5; Charisma 0; Toughness 5
Hindrances: Bad Eyes, Loyal, Pacifist (m), PovertyWanted (M)
Edges: Luck, Scholar (Biochemistry & Nuclear Physics), First Strike, Barbaric Blood
Skills: Fighting d6, Investigation d8, Knowledge (Biochemistry) d10, Knowledge (Computers) d8, Knowledge (Medicine) d6, Knowledge (Nuclear Physics) d12, Knowledge (Portuguese) d4, Notice d6, Repair d4, Stealth d4, Streetwise d8
Inventory: Glasses, Pulse Tracker

Bruce Banner was a respected biochemist and nuclear physicist, working at Culver University. In 2005, Banner and his then-girlfriend were recruited to work on a top-secret military program under the guise of radiation resistance (though it was actually another attempt at replicating Erskine's serum), under the watch of General Ross (Banner's girl's father). A few months into the project, Banner was so confident in his research that he used himself as the first test subject, but the process went horribly wrong. Now, whenever Bruce gets angry, excited, or his heart rate simply goes high enough, he transforms into the mindless powerhouse, the Hulk!

Name: The Hulk
Race: ???
Experience: 55 (Veteran)
Power Level: Deity (90 PP)
Agility d8; Smarts d4; Spirit d8; Strength d12+10; Vigor d12+4
Pace 6; Parry 7; Charisma –8; Toughness 30 (6)
Hindrances: Bloodthirsty, Clueless, Gimmick, Illiterate, Loyal, Weakness (m—Sound)
Edges: Arcane Background (Super Powers), Berserk, Brawny, Take the Hit, Brawler, Frenzy, Sweep, Mighty Blow, Combat Reflexes
Skills: Climbing d12, Fighting d10, Intimidation d10, Notice d4, Swimming d8, Throwing d6
  • Armor +6 (3): Tough skin.
  • Attack, Melee (10): Damage Str+2d6, Climb, Focus, Heavy Weapon, Lethal, Multiple Attacks.
  • Fear –2 (3): Scary, Terror.
  • Fearless (2): It's the Hulk. You don't scare him.
  • Growth (7):  Level 3 (Size, Strength, and Toughness +3), Monster.
  • Immune to Poison/Disease (2): Gamma-strengthened immune system.
  • Leaping (6): Level 5. Leaps 32" vertically, 64" horizontally. Bounce.
  • Regeneration (8): Level 4, rolls to heal every minute.
  • Speed (4): Pace 24, –1 to hit.
  • Super Attribute (32): Strength +10, Vigor +6.
  • Toughness +10 (13): Hardy.
After his first transformation, the military began to chase Banner, looking to control Hulk for their own purposes. After realizing what the Hulk could do, Bruce went into hiding, fleeing the country and leaving behind everything to make sure the Hulk did as little damage as he could. Bruce was international for five years, learning to control his pulse as best he could until he could find a cure for his condition.

After failing to concoct an antidote himself, and being found again by the military, he decided to meet with the anonymous Mr. Blue, finally re-entering the country. Unfortunately, he ended up back at Culver University, trying to find any information he could about the experiment that transformed him, but the military intercepted him and unleashed the Hulk again, and this time the world finally saw the Hulk publicly for the first time. After a very short clash with Captain Blonsky and his knock-off serum, he escaped and made it to New York, meeting Mr. Blue (Samuel Sterns), who found a temporary suppression for the Hulk.

Shortly after this, Banner was captured, but released shortly to deal with Blonsky, now an enormous monster trashing Harlem. After a brief rematch, Blonsky was apprehended and the Hulk escaped. In this time, he learned to control the Hulk to a degree, able to steer him in the right direction and summon him when he needed.

Banner made it to Calcutta, where he hid for another two years before Natasha Romanoff found him, recruiting him for S.H.I.E.L.D. to track down the tesseract using gamma radiation signatures. He was brought aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier and given a lab, but due to Loki's schemes, the Hulk was once again triggered aboard the helicarrier. Thor fought to subdue the Hulk, keeping him from trashing the entire carrier. Hulk was eventually knocked out by falling from an exploding F-16 into the ground. He shortly arrived back in New York to assist the other Avengers in repelling the Chitauri invasion.

After this, Banner went into S.H.I.E.L.D. protection, befriending Tony Stark and working solely in R&D. In addition, he worked with Stark to create a new Iron Man armor, just in case the Hulk went out of control someday. He occasionally assisted the other Avengers in "Code Green" events, aiming the Hulk at HYDRA or other important targets. After recovering Loki's scepter from HYDRA, he and Stark worked to create the Ultron A.I. to help defend the earth from any other world-ending events. This went wrong and Ultron went mad. In a mission to intercept Ultron in South Africa, the Hulk was unleashed upon a small African city by Scarlet Witch, forcing him to be subdued by Stark.

Because of this, while he assisted in transferring JARVIS into the Vision, and in rescuing Romanoff and the Sovokian civilians, Banner has gone back into hiding, fearing the Hulk once again. His whereabouts are unknown to the Avengers.

Power Stunts:
  • Energy Control (6): Fire/Heat, Large Burst Template. Limitation (–1, nullify only). Hulk claps his hands together so hard, the shockwave can put out almost any fire.
  • Earthquake (2): By slamming his fists into the ground, the Hulk can create a crack in stone and earth that can trip up his enemies.

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